Coconut Crème Brûlée and The Sweetest Project

bruleed creme

Let me tell you a little story about coconut crème brûlée…

First of all, crème brûlée is my all time favorite dessert. I won’t go into why yet, but I have to preface the story with this little detail. See, Monday nights are volleyball nights. Monday nights are also typically my blog photography nights. Hence, Monday nights = granola bar for dinner or stuffing my face in five minutes with whatever I can find in my refrigerator and/or pantry. At this point you can probably also come to the conclusion that by the time I get home from said volleyball I am tired, hungry and extremely irritable…hangry, if you will. Continue reading

Whole-Wheat Bread


When I decided to go to pastry school I had no real goal in mind as to where I’d want to end up as far as jobs go. Part of the reason I had wanted to go was to learn to decorate cakes. Turned out wedding cakes were not my favorite. I find that I like to be more creative with flavors than decorating cakes. Breads and pastries were what I excelled at and enjoyed the most.


Recently I started a new job as the baker for Prince Street Café, a very popular café in the heart of downtown Lancaster. For the most part I get to make whatever my little heart desires. It’s basically a baker’s dream job. Would I have ever thought back in the beginning of pastry school that this is where I’d be? I don’t know, but I am sure thankful to God that he’s brought me this far! Continue reading

Fig Filled Honey Cupcakes With Goat Cheese Frosting


I’m writing this post sitting on my boyfriend’s couch in his air conditioned living room listening to “Big Willie Style”, which I am declaring my summer album of 2014. As you can imagine it is impossible to keep still or focus without the occasional “gettin’ jiggy wit it”. You cannot listen to 90’s Will Smith and not groove. It’s true…

Another “tip of the day”: don’t frost cupcakes in 85 degree weather with no air conditioning. Seriously, I picked the wrong time of the year to make these. Luckily I was able to save them by putting them in the refrigerator immediately. Guess there won’t be anymore frosting this summer for me.

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